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First psk31 Qso in a long time . . .


 Hooked my interface up to my FT450D earlier today, and booted up
software to do some psk31 on 20 mtrs. Its been far too long since
I've done that mode !
 Band conditions on 20 mtrs werent the best here in Alaska today
so I set the program to report any signals it copied to the pskreporter
web site. Later in the evening I watch a fellow member of this Qrp club
calling CQ on 14070 khz and had a interesting Qso. KC7AHQ, Milton
was booming into southcentral Ak for about 20 min until Qsb ended our
Qso. Fun times ! Regardless of propagation, get on the air
 72/73 to all.

Highlight of my /P trip to the island  of Barra was a contact (SSB) with KL7TH on 21st April.


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