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What are the rigs being used for QRP?

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I am curious what the rigs are, commercial, homebrew, kits or vintage.
I'll start with mine. I use a 3 transistor homebuilt I got from some of Lew McCoy's articles about 30 years ago. I upgraded it to a NTE128  final . Today I added absorbtion loop modulation which gives me AM phone if I like with no active components. I also have and use three vintage homebuilt rigs with tubes. One is a TNT, One a MOPA and one a 4 tube transceiver, all under 5 watts. The mopa is also a transceiver. All have AM capability as well a CW.
What is on your shelf?
Don Ve3LYX

I use FT-817ND with a 500 Hz CW filter + Youkits HB-1B MK2 + Elecraft T1+ END FEDZ EF 20, EF10/20/40 + LW.

In shack Icom IC-7200 + LDG IT-100 + CITY WINDOW (CW40100) + G5RV/ZS6BKW from W8AMZ.

Power 1-5 watt

72! 73! Valery UA9OTW/QRP

I run ATS-3B 6 band digital transceiver 5 w  fits in an altoids tin 5 Oz  than I have the H1-B1 from youkits  4 bander 5w  the best receiver I have heard .
also my ic-756 pro2 goes down to 1 watt  QRP is the most fun you can have with your close on. HI HI

I am using a newly acquired  HB-1B with a 250 foot loop wire antenna. So far it has worked great. I am working on my CW proficiency and speed.


Wayne  N9EGT

I have a few QRP rigs but the best is my KX3 with a small ackumulator and solarpanels with regulator. For antenna I am using the old original VS1AA antenna (Windom like) since the ATU are capable of matching it on all the bands the antenna is capable of. I use two radials for each band and have had great fun with it.

I have both a full size VS1AA and a half size for different needs and both works very nice with the ATU. The antennas is light weight since I don't need any coaxial cable so it's great for backpacking.

I am mostly operating CW but KX3 really shines on SSB if the TX audio equalizer it set correct by enhancing high tones and suppressing low tones. I have very aggressive settings for the EQ and with the excellent compressor I get real good signal reports from overseas.


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