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Hello from Arkansas, USA


My name is Erik. KG5WOY. SKCC#19163

It may sound funny but I've been a ham twice.  I got my Novice when I was 10 and upgraded to Technician when I was 16 but let my license expire in 1994 when I was in the Navy.  I got my license because my whole family (father, mother, and sister) were hams and being the youngest I didn't want to be left out.  Fast forward to 2017 and I'm considering getting into citizen's band radio and decided I might as well get my license again.  I was amazed at all that had changed in the rules and the hobby in general.

I studied for the Technician and General and passed both in one shot.  Ended up getting my Extra a year later.  If you're not an Extra allow me to encourage you to study and get it.  You really learn alot about the hobby.

From 2017 until recently I have been 100w only but I fell in love with QRP when a buddy showed me his FT-817 which I bought from him shortly after.  Now I'm exclusively QRP.  I just love the challenge of it.  My set up is the 817 with an End Fed Half Wave thrown into a tree, though I'm seriously considering going vertical after I got my throw weight stuck in a tree, well, actually two of them. Happened twice in one day.

Thanks for letting me in and I hope to meet you on the air.



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