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Author Topic: Red Pitaya based SDR.  (Read 4362 times)


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Red Pitaya based SDR.
« on: March 08, 2017, 13:47:12 UTC »
Started a new project last week, Have a Red Pitaya bases SDR which is working with the HPSDR Software by Pavel Demin. Project standings at this moment. TX working with 5 W (RX/TX switching and 5 W QRP amplifiere integrated). Only 1 13,8 V source needed, the Red Pitaya get´s his needed 5 V regulated by electronic. At the moment i am using only a LPF but BPF´s are planned as the next step.

A audio codec board is also integrated. It allows to connect a Microphone and a Headphone (or a headset) direkt to the Red Pitaya TRX. It also reduces the CW latency but for me not enough yet. The codex board is this one: https://shop.mikroe.com/add-on-boards/audio-voice/audio-codec-proto

Later on it all should be work as a standalone SDR so i am planning to integrate a 10,1 " Windows 10 Tablet for running PowerSDR_mRX and my personal logbook on it and other favourite software for hamradio use.

Sorry if you miss some pictures, but my old digital camera is not longer working and for pictures made by my smartphone i need a new micro usb cable. So pics will be following later.

B.t.w. there is no case used yet. This option will be realised if all is complete at work. I also plan to integrate the amplifier module of my old IC-735 so that this TRX can be used from QRP up to 100 Watts.

 ;) ;)