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Hello My Friends!

This is my QRP transceiver (X1M PRO Platinium) over than 1 month.

Power out 3W on ssb peak, and 4W on cw, 5bands. made in China.

Very fine, and good equipment, I've like it. Some QSOs over 1000 and
2000 km.
Ant.: closed loop 80/40m, 2el. wire-beam 20/15/10m and Vertical 20/15/10m
Multiband Doublet 80-10m

Vy 73!  Janos

Hi Janos,

You have very fine setup!
A friend of mine has the same TRX and he is also very pleased with the small but very handy X1M.
The X1M is very easy in use and has a good receiver.
Congratulations with this great transceiver and superb antenna park!!

Hi Hans!

Many thanks for Your good wishes. Your HAM Shack is also very nice! I was visited Your page.
Some pict's and informations found on my page http://ha7nb.hu   or  http://www.qrz.com/db/HA7NB  and http://qrzcq.com/call/HA7NB  :D

Have a nice day and Vy 73!  Janos

Hello Janos, thanks for informations back about this little X1M, i have one question about bf filter width, is it good for cw activities? can you really use it with contentment?
thank you
73 Romain

Hello Romain!

Sorry, but I used for during this time mostly ssb, and work cw only one QSO.  :D
So it is very little for more conclusion.
In mode ssb very pleasing voice and good sensitivity.
This moment the propagation is not so good on 80m band, but I heard a Japan station very weakly.

Used antenna, closed loop for 80/40m.

73! Janos


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