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Author Topic: SPECIAL CLUSTER  (Read 2024 times)


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« on: January 08, 2014, 23:54:14 UTC »

Here is a special cluster called the: NORDIC REAL TIME PROPAGATION


You put your call and choose your band and you check in the list. It is fun because it is rather far north

OH6BG = Latitude 63.150653 (63° 9' 2'' N)

              Longitude 21.577417 (21° 34' 38'' E)

              Grid Square KP03sd

SK3W = Latitude 60.311667 (60° 18' 42'' N)

             Longitude 16.790000 (16° 47' 23'' E)
             Grid Square: JP80jh

For more info check: http://sk3w.se/skimmer

Have fun,

72 Michel VE2TH

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« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2014, 13:18:14 UTC »
 8)  Cool simple program, the original program here has more infos. I use it often to see if my rig works in the meaning going out from the #¤%**¨~ aurora belt sometimes caching us here. :o
Best regards, 72 de SM5MEK, Jenny.


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« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2014, 14:26:54 UTC »

Yes Jenny, that is the one I use (RNB)  to see where my QRP is heard in the world. 

It is fun with the programmable keyer in the radio. This way I can read or do something else
and if someone call me, I can answer.

Also I use it for my own statistics, which I keep for future use.

Yes the Aurora belt, and the "EXTENT" which is the "GRAY PART" all around the Aurora belt.
This extent is always here as it cover all the northern part of North America, i.e Canada, and the northern part of the USA, the northern part of the US is all the northern states of US.

It is not fun at all, because it is really more difficult to pass thru this.

Canada is a very special place to do radio.But I think it is the same for you.

Check this link here:

You are at: (59° 48' 40'' N)

I am at:: ((46° 50' 16'' N)

Check this link also, which will give you your "GEOMAGNETIC LATITUDE"


It means you are "GEOGRAPHIC" AT 59° 48' N

But you are "MAGNETIC" AT 56° N a bit better

Now here I'm at:  46°N "GEOGRAPHIC"

But I'm at: 53° "MAGNETIC"

Just for fun, those reading this, try it at your own QTH to see where is your Magnetic latitude compared with your Geographic latitude,

You will have BIG surprises.

And it explained why it is so "HARD" for us in North America to have as much fun as you have
IN your respective countries.

So what do you think about that ?

Let us know,

72 Michel VE2TH QRP