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One more SIM31 pilot under training.....


As you know, I'm a genius.

I'm the genius who had psk31 working, who then dismantled and moved his shack and subsequently couldn't get it working again. Before the move I had failed miserably to get SIM31 working, ever.

Well, one shack move later, with a different computer, I got the operating part of SIM31 going: the CAT configuration will have to be manual, no simple selecting the model of rig just yet.... It might take me a while.....

The freeware prog runs. It decodes PSK31 and it allows me to switch from PSK31 to SIM31. Brilliant!!

If I could find another SIM31 OP, I might even try for a QSO.....

Vic  /digital mode gnu  :P

I've just installed Sim31 today and a local station and I got Sim31 running. I worked him and then CT4KO/QRP using Sim31 on 15M. Not much activity at the moment but hopefully this new mode will become more popular.

73 Chris M0RSF

Hopefully NOT ....  The programmers are guys from belgium which is in the IARU Region one. Those programmers using frequencies outside the  digital mode parts of the IARU R1 Bandplan. As example: They using 14.068 in the 20 meter band which is a frequency of the CW QRP portion of the band. Digital modes starting at 14.070 and not below ... The same problem with JT9 and JT65

Yes some of those frequencies chosen do look a little odd. There is nobody more stringent than me regarding the band plan. When a contest is on whether it be CW, RTTY, SSB or whatever its annoying the complete ignorance with people transmitting where the shouldn't. It really gets my goat!

73 Chris M0RSF

 Howdy all, trolling through the forums here. Just finished installing SIM31
exploring some of its features. Installed SIM31 version V6918 today (4 July 2016)
from the facebook support group.
 Interesting software, nice compliment to my other digi programs. Going to give it
a try later this evening on 14.070 in "non-auto" psk31 mode.

72/73 de AL7JK, John


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