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I love freedom, which is why I love Linux.  It is public domain, not chained to a manufacturer.

I discovered dStar but rejected it the moment I discovered it was 'Owned' by Icom and was not free.

Now I have discovered FreeDV.  It is digital voice over HF.  It is in its first years. It is public domain, it is free.   I am intrigued to read that it shows promise at 1 ~ 2 watts output power.   I am not suggesting we all suddenly start experimenting with FreeDV but I do suggest we keep a careful eye on how it develops because it is a mode with great promise for QRP. Here is the home page:-


Hi folks,
Further reading indicates that the QRP benefits of FreeDV appear to have been oversold.  I now understand that FreeDV on HF is most effective when signals are solid copy.  Those who have actively tried the system say weaker signals do not enable FreeDV to 'lock on', consequently nothing is heard.

So... if I gave you false hope that there was an effective hf qrp voice mode not far off, I apologise here and now.  Sorry about that.


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