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Author Topic: "Russian hunt QRP marathon"  (Read 1091 times)

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"Russian hunt QRP marathon"
« on: February 05, 2015, 14:05:57 UTC »
"Two Bear or not two Bear? That is the question" :-)

 Russian Hunt QRP marathon was founded by RU-QRP Club and takes place in two seasons: winter  and summer. Both seasons consists of 6 rounds which tooks place on Thursday   (February-March and August-September) from 18:00 till 19:00 UTC.
Hunt in both seasons used three bands: 80, 40 and 20 meters on frequencies: 14060 +/- 5 kHz, 7030 +/- 5 kHz, 3560 - 3580 kHz. We invite all licensed radioamateurs.

- QRP-"Hunters" (QRP up to 5 Watt)
- "Bears" (QRP up to 5 Watt)
In each round two QRP stations participate as "Bears". They are assigned from participants ("Hunters") who gathered more points in current season before incoming  round. "Bears" can only work on general call - "CQ  QRP de CALL BEAR pse k". All "Hunters" can communicate with "Bears" and other QRP "Hunters". General call for QRP "Hunters" - "CQ  HUNT de CALL QRP pse k". Contacts  with other non-participants in hunt are also allowed.
Exchange with real RST, your name, output power. Only one QSO is allowed with the same station in particular round. Duplicate QSOs are only allowed in other rounds.

- for QSO with "Bear" = 25 points
- for QSO with QRP-station = 3 points
- for QSO with QRO station = 1 point

Also, for each new invited participant you will get a 1 additional point.

Results calculated separately by ranks. Note that points gathered by the same participant in "Bear" role are summed with his points gathered in "Hunter" role. Separate "Bears" rating is also calculated.

It is strongly desireable to submit your report just after the round finish. Deedline - same week Saturday end. Report your logs in Cabrillo (Ermak) format. Here is a QSO entries examples:

QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1901 UU7JF         599 VIT5W  HA7UG         579 LACI5W
QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1902 UU7JF         559 VIT5W  UA1ASB        579 LEO5W
QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1903 UU7JF         579 VIT5W  ON3ND         579 JJ5W 
QSO:  7000 CW 2011-03-03 1905 UU7JF         449 VIT5W  LA1ENA        559 AAGE5W
QSO:  3500 CW 2011-03-03 1907 UU7JF         449 VIT5W  UR4MCK        559 DIMA5W

Submit your logs to: qrp-hunt-cw@rambler.ru and write your callsign in the message subject.

All participants will get an electronic "virtual" QRP hunt certificates with final rating table for manual printing. According to the year's summary rating, RU-QRP members will be awarded with plaques as:
- The best QRP-"Hunter";
- The best "Bear".

Good luck in QRP hunt & 73!
Contest manager, RU-QRP Club council
© 2008 RU-QRP-CLUB
PS Tooday is first  round! Bears RW3AI and EV6DX. You are welcome! GL! & 72!
73, Victor!