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Title: QRP Club Contest 2014: Rules
Post by: IZ5ZCO on December 29, 2013, 17:01:17 UTC

Rules ( Ranking (http://www.qrpclub.org/qrp/index.php?topic=233.0) )

When you make a QSO with a member (http://www.qrpclub.org/qrp/index.php?action=mlist;sa=search) of the Club (you can call "CQ QRPC DE... " ), click here (http://www.freecreations.org/qrpclub/dx.html) and send a report:
you'll become a (http://www.qrpclub.org/qrp/Themes/premiummgc/images/qrp_cd.png)

Total output power must not exceed 5 watts.

Contacts between stations on different continents are worth 6 points.
Contacts between stations on the same continent, but different countries, are worth 3 point.
Contacts between stations in the same country are worth 1 point.

A station may be worked once on each band for QSO point credit.

The use of the  IARU QRP frequencies (http://www.qrpclub.org/qrp/index.php?topic=88.0) is encouraged.

We'll publish the results in a daily rating and the best DXer will become DXer of the Year.

Date: 04 Dec 2013 - 04 Dec 2014.

Good luck! :)