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Title: 6 meters calculator for distance and azimuth...
Post by: VE2TH on January 22, 2014, 22:35:18 UTC

Here is a useful link, by OE1SMC,

http://hans.mayer.tv/html/beacon_calculator.html (http://hans.mayer.tv/html/beacon_calculator.html)

        6m - 50 MHz - hamradio searching the six meter beacons  calculator for distance and azimuth

You put your QRA LOCATOR and the distance required to know instantly all the beacons on six meters
in your particular area of choice.

So if you want to study the propagation around 2500 KM one hop or any other mode of propagation
you can reduce your search by changing the distance you want.

Try it in your area, and sometimes you will be surprised.

Good dx'ing,

Michel VE2TH