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My Version of VE7SL's Micronout. "THE MOUSER-40" 1 Transistor CW 40m Transmitter

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I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of KN2A little rig.  I would like to see more projects you-all are building.

Also the operating results of DIY QRP rigs.  Hope in a week or so to publish some of my activity on the work bench.

The cost to build a simple direct conversion receiver or stable transmitter is really cheap.  Now days it
cost more for the coax from the antenna to the shack than all the parts to build a DIY station.

Stan AK0B

Today I built a micronaut on a perfboard. I used a PNP 2N2095A because I have several. I wish it had a bit more power but it is a nice working clean sounding rig. I used a 35795 khz crystal and have been trying it now and then this afternoon.
don VE3LYX


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