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Author Topic: G0BVZ Alinco DR-135DX observations  (Read 3250 times)

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G0BVZ Alinco DR-135DX observations
« on: March 08, 2014, 09:44:57 UTC »
Unknown to me at the time of purchase, the Alinco DR135-DX used to be the CRE8900 -or a very close relative.

It is a low power 10m multimode CB type rig.  As delivered it covers the amateur 10m band. The memory is divided into 6 banks of 60 memories which can be configured under programetric control via PC and connection lead.

A special combination key press at switch on 'expands' the frequency range to  25.000-29.90 MHz (programmable). When I did this I did not recognise the the as-delivered memory contents. They seemed to cover frequency ranges not available to UK hams. I had been informed that once expanded, the memory banks could be erased and filled with whatever 10m amateur frequencies I chose and this proved to be the case.

I had been asked to tell a busy radio engineer what I discovered and how I configured this rig so I used this as an excuse to get some practice with free linux software to put everything into a temporary web site he could consult at leisure. It is no blog and it is kinda utilitarian.  (I use a fairly complicated windows web editing program to maintain several club web sites.  It occurred to me that one day I would have to hand this job over to other, younger, pairs of hands. So I want to re write these sites using the free BlueGriffon program under Debian linux. This will produce alternative sites in strict html4 code which can be edited universally under most operating systems. When rewritten these sites will not use databases  or cgi so naive coders will be able to cope with them. )

So here is the temporary web page. It may be of interest to someone in the club. It won't be here for ever so when I take it down, I'll remove this reference to it.