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Author Topic: One tube QRP  (Read 708 times)

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One tube QRP
« on: November 23, 2014, 01:55:16 UTC »
I am into tube rigs. I have several solid state builds but there is something about tubes glowing in the dark and the connection with the very early days of radio I love.  One rig I built many years ago is my Bare Essentials 50l6 cw transmitter. This week I fired it up again and worked VE3AWA , a distance of 180 miles. It was an easy set a time and frequency deal and it worked. This is our third QSO with this little rig. Today, believe it or not I figured how to put it on AM with minimal effort and with a 3736 crystal installed will be trying it tomorrow when there is an opening. the simple series cathode modulator is my own design and I first used it on my 1929 style 45 tubed TNT.  Since then I learned about loop modulation from the 1917s and became somewhat accomplished at using it on the TNT. To that end earlier in the week I was able to work Wa2PjP on Long island NY with just a single tube (45 tube) and this long forgotten am modulation system.  Distance here was 323 miles. I also finished a homebrew 6l6 transmitter also equipped with a loop modulator. I have been trying it on 7290 as time permits but so far this year no joy. However if you hear me please comeback even if CW .