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Title: AA1TJ blog - Mike
Post by: G0BVZ on February 11, 2014, 10:49:31 UTC
Mike's bio on QRZ does all the work for me so I quote it here verbatim:-

"I returned to amateur radio in 2008, after a hiatus of a quarter-century,  with a vow to

Operate what I build
Operate CW
Transmit with 1 watt or less (most often < 100mW)
Purchase new components as a last resort
I have a particular interest in early or otherwise unusual technologies; some of which I describe on my blog

http://aa1tj.blogspot.com/ (http://aa1tj.blogspot.com/) 
DK4BC has been kind enough to mirror my old web site at

http://fhs-consulting.com/aa1tj/ (http://fhs-consulting.com/aa1tj/)


Mike "

The links above make for an illuminating read. Recommended,

Vic /Ship's Cat