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Author Topic: New rig sucessfullly tested  (Read 3509 times)

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New rig sucessfullly tested
« on: January 11, 2016, 13:00:31 UTC »
I had a UV199 socket so bought a tube. Three tubes later I finally got a good one but they dont make a practical transmitter tube so I adapted a 201a to the socket. The design I got from Lou VE3AWA and it is right out of the 1926 QST magazine. The article said it sounded like a crystal controlled rig. Normally these old self controlled oscillators have quite a chirp. The aticle was right. No perceptable chirp and measured on aSDR waterfall in fact 10hz or less which is pretty minor all considered. I was able to on first fire up work NO3M some 212 mi away ATCF and later that evening even though in heavy QRN  Paul N1BUG some 420mi away ATCF. Now Paul is one of the best t copying iffy signls I have ever met and rarely a vintage contest goes by where he doesnt find and work me with our ld QRP rigs. he did make a recordingfor me though. The design is a bt different then normally accepted practices and power is not huge, about 3.3 watts input. that said nothing bad about the results. The UV199 and a 45 will not work in the circuit but it sure loves the 201A. Linc Cundall CW event is this week so I am dusting off all my favourite CW rigs. This one was built last thursday afternoon. Ancient QRP is fun too!