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Title: Falcon OUT-250B
Post by: KG5KOG on December 11, 2015, 16:48:31 UTC
Search did not turn up any references to this model.
Is/has anyone used it here for QRP?

Its either that one or the Gap Titan DX (just a tad more than I want to spend).
Title: Re: Falcon OUT-250B
Post by: GM0LVI on December 11, 2015, 19:42:51 UTC
Hi Joe! There are reviews of the Falcon on eham.net - and they are very mixed reviews. I've not used it so can't comment from experience and I can't find any suppliers of the antenna or detailed specifications. One thing I did notice is that it is rated for a max wind speed of 30m/s ( a shade under 70 mph which isn't terribly much and it certainly wouldn't survive without a couple of sets of guys in my location.
The GAP Titan is an altogether different antenna and the elevated feed and elevated counterpoise will result in significantly reduced ground losses. Bear in mind that vertical antennas on 40 and 80m are low angle radiators (if set up properly) and great for DX but pretty poor for high angle local contacts where a low wire dipole or similar would produce better results.

Title: Re: Falcon OUT-250B
Post by: KG5KOG on December 11, 2015, 22:18:54 UTC
I had read some of those disgruntled reviews about the Falcon.
Just a lot of cash to put out for the GAP. I do feel like it would be better for QRP.
Right now I just want to receive WSPR on it.

As far as DX, I'll leave that to WSPR.
My thought on QRP DX was a somewhat backpack size transceiver and antenna.
I might try it.

Right now setting up for EME on 23cm.

Title: Re: Falcon OUT-250B
Post by: KG5KOG on December 19, 2015, 01:33:28 UTC
I got the Falcon in and just mounted to fence post.
Its ok, as well as can be expected due to where I have located/mounted.

And of course it does outperform the random wire length.
Still on two stations picked up on WSPR that were overseas.
One Australia and one in New Zealand.

About a 25 to 1 on contacts Falcon vrs random wire.
Just receiving on 30m at this time.

Need to get it up in the air where the loading coil is 30 feet up.