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Title: Oh Ye of Little Faith !
Post by: GM0LVI on May 13, 2017, 18:10:08 UTC
Listening last week to a couple of locals on our 2m repeater I was slightly amused to hear one bemoaning the poor propagation and the fact that since his license limited him to 10 Watts there wasn’t much chance of him making contacts so he’d stopped listening on HF.
If the little handie I was listening on had had the power to get into the repeater, I would have told him that despite the poor propagation; earlier in the week with just 5 Watts I cracked a pileup working 4Z69DZ, worked W3ATB in NH and had a great QSO with IZ4VSZ where we both went down to 100mW and still had Q5 copy.
Oh ye of little faith !!