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Title: No QRO please
Post by: PA1CJT on October 26, 2019, 05:32:57 UTC
Dear all,
I noticed, looking around the website, that it is common that new members introduce themselve with a small or perhaps larger 'Who am I'.
The subjet is 'No QRO please' but QRO is not for everyone the same. I have a QRO radio (FT-7) but others say it is QRP. My name is Kees and my callsign PA1CJT and living in the western part of the Netherlands. I am licensed since 1981 and had severall callsigns before. Still working for a living and no place the build up a large antenne causes lower activities on HF and VHF. My antenna is a home made magnetic loop which covers at least 40 - 12 m bands and and onther antennas are really QRP build (dipole, end-fed etc with max power 10W). It is again fun to build these antenna's and go out in the field to make some QSO. I made US contacts just with 2,5 Watt portable so yes it works fine for me. Instead of powers is operating practise teh message. First I start listening to the station and even pile-ups I can win with QRP jut waiting for the right moment knowing how thw other side operates his or her station. Wash all readers of this intro lots of fun with QRP. 73's de Kees
Title: Re: No QRO please
Post by: GM0LVI on October 27, 2019, 22:00:24 UTC
Welcome Kees! Yes, QRP is really great fun.
Title: Re: No QRO please
Post by: vu2nan on November 20, 2019, 06:24:22 UTC
Hi OM Kees,

That's the true ham spirit!