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Title: First NAQCC Europe chapter activity day ......
Post by: DF5WW on December 18, 2013, 12:55:41 UTC
This informations reached my via eMail:

From Matt, MW0MIE...

The European Chapter's first activity day is coming up on the 19th! The
idea of the event is to encourage as much QRP/CW operation as possible over
the course of the day, even if you are only able to actually operate for an
hour or so. All stations are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to
participate, whether or not they are currently located within Europe.

Whilst the principle aims are to have fun and promote our favoured mode of
operation, we shall be collecting logs and do have a scoring system in
place. In addition to the usual chapter certificates, for December only, we
are offering a QRP receiver kit to the station that attains the highest

More details, including the exact scoring mechanism and how to submit your
log, can be found at: [url]http://naqcc-eu.org/activity-days[/url] ([url]http://naqcc-eu.org/activity-days[/url])

Have fun  :D ;)