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Title: WN7T New Member
Post by: WN7T on December 05, 2013, 12:07:00 UTC
Hi Nicola,
Thanks for the invitation. Good luck with ur new QRP forum!
I have been active with QRP off and on since I built a Tuna Tin 2 for 40 meters back in about 2000.
I have also built a rock mite xcvr, a KX3, a HF Packer amp, a NorCal 2030 for 20, a WM2 watt meter, and am still working on a NorCal 2030 for 30 meters.
I like to use pneumatic powered spud guns to place wire antennas in trees. I have erected all sorts of wire antennas with this technique. I have used a flat top 160 m dipole, Sterba curtains, and inverted Ls for QRP and QRO. I started spud gunning antennas back in 1993.
I also like QRO and have built a series of remote controlled tuners and high power linear amps with 4-400a, 4-1000, and my favorite 3CX1200A7 based 160-10 amp.
Some of the homebrew gear can be seen on my QRZ.com page.
I just sold a Flex 5000a xcvr and am thinking about acquiring a new SDR xcvr using DDC with FPGA technology like the Zeus 1b, when I can afford it.
Paul wn7t