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Title: Result of my hunt on the missing zero.
Post by: sm5mek on December 28, 2013, 11:50:59 UTC
I started the hunt as planned at 12.00 Just a few cq and there was something strong on my line, a nice qso with F6ITP with an good and easy readable signal, i love qrs. So it continued with more cq and answers, finaly  SO110RAEM ansvered me, gave me good 599 also his rst was 599, not so many calls to him, maybee he just started, later it sounds like an wasp nest. The result was i got my zero here to fullfill my application at NAQCC-EU december challenge. Tanks to all answering my cq. See at my blog for more stations.
Now i am waiting to start at next challenge in januari. It was realy fun someway...
PS. Still autumn here meterologically, see here (http://webcam.uu.se//) an overwev of Uppsala right now.