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Title: Busy week so far.
Post by: GM0LVI on April 01, 2014, 20:32:34 UTC
Been busy the past few days. Sold my FT-1000MP Field MkV at the weekend and what an amazing amount of space in the shack has been created now it's gone. There's also quite a bit more storage space in the under stair cupboard now the original box has has gone too!
Spent a couple of hours today sorting out fishing pole GPs and wire antennas as we're heading to the highlands /P at the end of this week and the off to the Isle of Skye later in the month.
Not had a lot of time for radio but did manage a VK3 and VK2 yesterday @ 0700 on 20m got a 549 and 579 report via long path and then in the evening worked a few NA QRP stations.

Hope I manage to work some QRP Club members while I'm /P