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Author Topic: Comet CST-30 Antenna Connector Mounting Bracket  (Read 2519 times)

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Comet CST-30 Antenna Connector Mounting Bracket
« on: February 15, 2022, 02:05:56 UTC »
Hello, Mike VE2TH here,

A new product from Comet antennas, called: Comet CST-30 Antenna Connector Mounting Bracket.-

Very useful for Yaesu FT-817/818ND or the Icom IC-705.

With Yaesu it gives you the opportunity to have one antenna for the VHF bands if , sometimes you want to listen to FM Broadcast, for some news, or get in touch with a friend on 2 meter or 70 CM, or to listen to aircraft band, etc.

Photo available on DX ENGINEERING  here:


I have one on my FT-818ND along with a diamond SRH77CA dual band. While you can switch via the menu ( front antenna of back antenna) so this way you have access to HF with your antenna at the back and this small vertical plug in front.

You can give your antenna an angle of minus or plus 30 degrees, if your transceiver is installed on a support  for a better viewing of the display and control.

Try it,you will love it,

73 Mike VE2TH 
72/73 Michel VE2TH
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