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testing on the hour till 5PM EST QRP AM station 3686 +or- 1


I will be testing (by calling CQ ) on the hour from now till 5 PM EST
Rig is at 48 volts on the final and is a 3 transistor rig. I am using AM mode.  Power out is probably 2 to 3 watts Any responses would be welcome. 3683 +or_

Still testing on the hour when I am here and awake. I just finished testing for the night (last call) Batteries are sagging a bit. Will call in the morning when I rise on the hour probably starting a 7 8 and 9 AM EST. This rig is a test of absorbtion loop modulation which is a forgotten technology from about 1919. I installed it on this rig in the buffer circuit. It is the simplest way to put voice on a CW transmitter there is however the result is rather surprising. Voice is AM in nature.
The rig is one that appeared in magazines in the 1980s. It is solid state , three transistor and keys the osc and buffer while the final remains powered at all times power is on. It now has a NTE128 transistor in the final. It is the rig, for those who remember, that used the RF chokes Radio Shack used to sell as the basis for its bandpass filters etc and is rock bound with a crystal. I added a VXO to give me some wiggle and now AM as well. I am working between calls on a matching receiver , a regen, to go in the same cabinet. I built the rig as a CW rig over 30 years ago. I really need someone to listen for it on freq 3686. One way QSOs are no fun as most of you well know.


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