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Author Topic: Hello Group... K7ZOV introduction  (Read 332 times)

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Hello Group... K7ZOV introduction
« on: April 28, 2014, 19:47:05 UTC »
Hello Group. Name is Harry. QTH is Lakeside in the White Mountains of N.E. Arizona. About 6.600 ft. Been a ham since 1963 when I got my Novice License (KN7ZOV).  I have always had a interest in low power. First low power radio was a used IC-703. I have had the following at one time or another and some more then once. IC-703, SG-2020, K1, K2's, KX1, HB-1 and HB-1B, ATA-4, FT-7, Flex 1500, FT-817, Rockmite 40 and 20 and KX3. Probably missed a few. I like taking the radios on trips, camping and in the back yard. I am into finding the best compromise antenna. So far the PAR/LNR, EARCI 9:1 unun have really shined. However the new MFJ BigEar has now become the best I have ever used to date. ( I have also had/have/used Buddipole products, ATAS-25, ham sticks, Outbacker Joey and Perth, PAC-12, MP-1, wire dipoles, and anything a LDG ATU would load up). Code speed still stinks...around 10 wpm. Digital of all kinds has proven to be a real QRP winner with me... So that is who I am, in a short form, and what I am into when it comes to QRP. Thank you for your time

73  Harry  K7ZOV