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Chris M0RSF/P SOTA activation of G/NP-029 Sharp Haw 30/11/2014


Hello all,

I will activate G/NP-029 Sharp Haw for Summits on the Air tomorrow (30/11/2014) on 20M and 10M SSB using my Yaesu FT817ND running 2W (battery power) into an EFHW antenna. I plan to be on air for approx 10:00 and would be good to share a few overs if any QRP Club members are about. I will try and use 14.285 and 28.360 obviously +/- if those frequencies are in use.

73 Chris M0RSF

Any idea what time UTC ?

10:00 UTC, unfortunately I believe that will be too early for propagation to favour USA.

73 Chris M0RSF


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