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Author Topic: Year of QRP activity  (Read 914 times)

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Year of QRP activity
« on: January 05, 2015, 09:11:48 UTC »
Part of members of RU-QRP club have declared 2015 as "Year of QRP activity".

All radio amateurs worldwide are invited to participate using QRP power.
The  motto  of  the event is : "QRP activity on the air is better than
activity on the Internet !" 

This event aims to enhance and promote working QRP-stations regardless
of the location, equipment, antennas, bands and modes. 

First  and  the  only rule - hold as many 2 way QRP (QRPp, QRPpp) QSOs
with  the largest possible number of unique correspondents. Duplicates
on different bands / modes are not counted in the results   

Recommended frequency:

CW - 1810 kHz, 3560 kHz, 7030 kHz, 10106/10116 kHz, 14060 kHz, 18096 kHz, 21060 kHz, 24906 kHz, 28060 kHz
Phone - 1843/1910 kHz, 3690 kHz, 7090 kHz, 14285 kHz, 18130 kHz, 21285 kHz, 24950 kHz, 28385 kHz
Digi - at the end of the digital section for each mode

The Year is divided into several stages:

Round I - January and February - all modes on 160-80-40 meters;
Round II - March-April - all modes on 40-30-20 meters;
Round III - May-June-July - all modes on 20-17-15 meters;
Round IV - August-September - all modes on 10/12/15 meters;
Round V - October - all bands only CW;
Round VI - November - all bands only SSB;
Round VII - December - all bands only DIGI.

Round winners are determined based on the results of each round. A QSO
will not count for points if the station had been worked in a previous round.   
The absolute winner is the person who has contacted the most number of
unique callsigns in the year. 

All  who  participate  and  send  a report, without exception, will be
awarded  an electronic certificate regardless of the number QSOs held.
The overall winner among the members of the RUQRP Club will be awarded
a  valuable  prize.  When  there is a will, you can establish your own
prize / award in any category.   

Reports  on  participation (in the form of extract from the log format
ADIF  /  Cabrillo) should be sent to the e-mail address ua3lmr@mail.ru
within  3  days  from  the  end  of  each  month.  Interim results are
published  on  a  monthly  basis,  the final results of our rounds and
annual  results are summed within a week after the receipt of the last
report participant and published on the website RUQRP.     

Stories, records, photos and videos about the most interesting moments
of  participation in the event is mandatory for applicants for the top
award.  Their  publication  is  available  on  the  website RUQRP, and
elsewhere  in  the  provision  of  links  to  familiarize  with  these
materials to all participants."   

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Re: Year of QRP activity
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2015, 15:28:57 UTC »
There are some changes in event environment. The main is — website http://www.qrp-year.ru/ is raised. New address for LOG submissions is logs@qrp-year.ru
73! Vit, RN3ANT