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IOTA EU-010 Outer Hebrides from 29 April

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I'll be QRV from the tiny island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides from 29th April to 9th May.
Operating KX3 to GP for 12,17,20 meters. May also be qrv on 30m. No trees !! so unlikely to get onto 40 or 80 though may try Buddistick antenna on these bands.

Hi Dave,

should be not a big problem to be on air on 160 - 10 m without any trees .... Take a look to that easy to build vertical H-Pole antenna ..... I prefer the version with the lower feedpoint.

B.t.w. a tuner is needed that can handle ladderline feeders or a small automatic tuner in the feedpont ...

 ;) ;)

P.S. Sorry, forgot the link:   http://www.qsl.net/hb9mtn/hb9mtn_h-pole.html

Hi Juergen!
Many thanks for the link regarding the H-Pole. It looks an interesting antenna but I don't think I would get away  with putting one up on the back of our motor home on most of the campsites we stay on as its footprint is a bit too wide. I'd also need a new pole as mine is only 8m and I'd need a remote ATU..
However you've given me an idea for when a friend and I  go to the remote Shiant islands EU-112 later this year.

Thanks & 73/72

Hello Dave,

Hope you have nice weather on Barra Island, and everything is going well.

I'm looking for you on 17 meters 18,096, if it is possible ?

Have a nice week-end, ;D

72 Michel VE2TH \ the lighthouse keeper  didit

Hello Dave,

Well, according to reverse beacon network, my signal reach all of Europe, this time
on 14,060 & .055 with no takers at all.

As far away to Finland, Iceland, Hungary, and other european countries, and in the west as far as VE6AO, but....??? 

Anyway, the internal keyer of my transceivers take care of it while reading here.

72, Michel


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