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Transmitter from the 1943 ARRL Handbook


I will be testing on 3561 khz with in a few minutes. Any replies or reports would be helpful.

I'll be interested to hear how you got on Don. Too late at night over here.

No replies and no activity on 8oM then. The band was open as it is right now. I check CHU time signal at 3330 with a handheld portable. If I can hear it I know the band is open as it is about 170 miles east. I am going down to the shack now to fire up and try again. It is 11:26 my time. I would BTW be willing to op during your times to see if we could work.  So it should be 1726 there I am thinking if I remember correctly. Anyway here goes nothing.
cq cq cq.........................................

I have been using the rig a bit. Even though the band is soft I have had a few contacts. don


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