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Mike's Tavern / Solar cycle 25....
« Last post by VE2TH on May 02, 2020, 22:09:35 UTC »

What's going on with radio propagation,? Very disappointing, for me.

Check this official website:  https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/news/view/400/20191210-official-solar-cycle-25-forecast-update

We have to wait  a bit. But I hope Sporadic-E (Es) to be present on the highbands 21/28/50 MHz.

So check this website from time to time to see the progress...

See you on the bands,

72/73 Michel VE2TH The QRP'er

Antennas / ELK Antenna part 2...
« Last post by VE2TH on April 24, 2020, 20:33:56 UTC »

Here is very good link for those who would like to built a center insulator like this one in this document:


The followling links are from You Tube video. If images Worth thousands words, What about those real good video,

1- W4EDF Portable Dipole Antenna Center Support


2- N7JFP 6 Meter Portable Dipole


3- From KF7ETX: Weather Resistant Field Antenna

    This one if very interesting, it is portable for 6 meters, and with the ELK Antenna on top you have
4- 3 bands as: 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 centimeters.

Ready for any field day or VHF/UHF Contest., very lightweight, and also good for Patio or Balcony installation for temporary use.-

This link is related to the document above (the first one) as you will be able to see it live ant it would gives you a very good idea.

Have fun with this project and let us know if you built one of these.

72/73 Michel VE2TH

The QRP'er
Mike's Tavern / Re: Is the QRP Club still alive?
« Last post by VE2TH on April 19, 2020, 18:35:29 UTC »
Hi all,

Well it is very boring when peoples change from a forum and open a new web site, or a blog, or like you said, they go to Facebook.

It is the same with many Radio Club Web site, many of them don't have news for weeks ot months.
It seems to me that it would be very simple, The webmaster of such radio clubs, decided to change to Facebook, and let the readers with a simple note with the new Facebook address, or the new web site...

Easy as A B C .

Anyway it seems not to be the rule, and from time to time, you find very old news or old informations on those defunct clubs.

I hope some of the users put new items  to get again people curious about QRP .-

Have a nice week-end, and stay safe

72/73 Michel VE2TH The QRP'er

Antennas / ELK Antenna, VHF/UHF ..
« Last post by VE2TH on April 18, 2020, 21:33:39 UTC »
Hi All,

Got it a four (4) years  ago, and I'm very satisfied with it. I am using it with my Yaesu FT-817ND/FT-818ND  and a small Buddipole mast.

I ordered it with the very solid high quality carrying bag. Everything fit easily including my coaxial cable, and some fittings for my mast.

Portable operation, Sota Parks on the air, etc or at home, ideal if you live  in appartment/Condo it is really low profile.

It has double boom as it is a Log Periodic dual bands.- It is very good if you want to listen in between amateur bands, like FM Broadcast/Aviation etc..

 I love the PVC mounting system, because you can turn it for Horizontal or Vertical polarization.
 I have add 2 foot section of one inch dia. PVC tubing (white) along with a female coupling to screw it on top of my Buddipole mast.

2M Gain 6.8 dbd (8.9 dBi);440 Gain 7 dBd (9 dBi);20 +dB Front to Back Ratio; 24 Inch Boom, or 60.96 CM.-

 It is light and portable and can be taken anywhere for:

 1- Fox hunting

 2- Satellite, Amsat.org

 3- Iss = International space station

 4- ARES= Amateur Radio Emergency Service

 5- EMCOMM = Emergency Communications

 6- Repeaters or simplex FM

 7- SSB/CW dx'ing or contest

 8- Canwarn in Canada or Skywarn in US

 9- Direction Finding

 10 Public services events.

 Think about it, you have a lightweight dual band beam which cover 144/148 & 430/450 MHz with only one coax cable without the use of a duplexer.

 I worked few stations and heard some very distant beacons with the help of some tropo propagation, during the summer months.-

 Quick to set up, easy to operate, it is a winning piece of gear. It is an ideal companion of all your adventures and a real Keeper.-

 Thumbs up to the ELK Antenna crew.

LINKS: http://elkantennas.com/shop/

Watch also YOU TUBE, by typing ELK ANTENNA.

Look at this one, you will have a very good idea how it looks like, and this system is fun for any 6/2/70 CM contests.


 72/73 Michel VE2TH The QRP'er
Transceivers / YAESU FT-818ND PART 3 FOLLOW-UP
« Last post by VE2TH on April 18, 2020, 14:04:12 UTC »
Hi all,

A short one this time Hi!

You can download the instruction manual in many languages.

Go to Yaesu Website:  https://www.yaesu.com/indexVS.cfm?cmd=DisplayProducts&ProdCatID=102&encProdID=36B7B98621AF7554C9A03C8B190C5079&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0

FT-818ND Deutsch Operating Manual  ( 28.80 MB )
      FT-818ND Italiano Operating Manual  ( 18.57 MB )
      FT-818ND Spanish Operating Manual  ( 18.95 MB )
      FT-818ND French Operating Manual  ( 20.76 MB )
      FT-818ND Operating Manual   ( 21.64 MB ) 

It is a real good idea to download one and get all informations you need.

Good reading

72/73 Michel
VE2TH The QRP'er 
Transceivers / Yaesu FT-818ND Part 2 Follow-up
« Last post by VE2TH on April 17, 2020, 23:59:10 UTC »
Hi all,
I have been asked before, if I had to take the minimum of radio equipment to a remote location, such as summer holiday, camping, Islands summit on the air etc. what would I choose ?

Looking at different  amateur radio "blog",  I can easily conclude that there are not identical answers. Everyone has its own  preference. So here are my own preferences.

After a study of the huge selection of QRp radio from many brands,and when the market offered in 2001,  the new Yaesu QRP transceiver,  and after studying all the possibilities, I choose to buy a Yaesu FT-817, for the following reasons:

It is a very nice little radio, offering (13) amateur bands plus all modes in a very tiny package. For working several bands you cannot go wrong.

Plus, low frequencies  from 100 up to 540 MHz, in many countries the amateurs are authorized to use the 630 meters band, (472 to 479 KHz, Plus the 2200 meters band (135.8 to 138.8 KHz).- and  then the AM broadcast band, follow by all the shortwave bands, with amateur radio bands, in between., including the new 60 meters band into the 5 MHz.- Here in Canada we only have 5 frequencies available.-
These 2 new bands, the FT-817/818, can receive but no transmission is possible except if you built a small  transverter,  or an external small transmitter.
Over 30 MHz, there is the low band, 30 thru 50 MHz,  this is VHF 6 METERS  (50MHz) and the receiver cover76 MHz - 154 MHz, including the 2 meters band, and the aviation band , plus FM Broadcast 88 MHz - 108 MHz . And finally the 70 Centimeters, 420 MHz - 470 MHz.-

I told you it is an all mode, what a fun to have all mode, it gives you the opportunity to work SSB/CW on those VHF bands. Ok here in North America, there is some activities, but in Canada not much activities in SSB/CW.

 But if you go portable somewhere you can experiment, with some VHF/UHF antennas, and try your luck at some summer contests.
This transceiver if fun , whether in your shack or on a picnic table, in the great outdoors.

                                           "Accessories and possibilities"

1- CW filter:  If you are like me, I love CW, so you need a filter, it is an option and the price vary from a country to another.-
In my FT-817ND I have the Collins Model YF-122C, ( 500Hz/2KHz: -6db/-60db)
In my new FT-818ND The dealer told me that this 500Hz filter is discontinued, so I put the Collins 300Hz filter Model: YF-122CN (300Hz/1KHz (-6db/-60db)
I find this one is much better, sharper.-

   It is universal, in the way you can connect your transceiver with your external battery or your power supply. Each piece of equipment including power supply and batteries here have those connectors.
See this link for more information, plus the multiple links at the end of the article.-

3- Microphone:
The supplied hand microphone is the MODEL: MH-31a8j.
Over the years I found useful to have a second one with DTMF this model is: MH-36e8J . Why a DTMF  (Touch-Tone) ? 

If in your area, some  repeater (VHF/UHF)  are interconnected with "ECHO LINK" or " IRLP" it could be useful.-
LINK: http://www.echolink.org/
LINK: http://www.irlp.net/
Echo link is more popular than IRLP, but with the links you will have all the informations you want.- ECHO LINK is in about 151 countries.-

It is just a suggestion, as I use it very occasionally.
Another usage, if in your area like we have in the Maritime Provinces you can interconnect one repeater with another one in another Province, or in the same Province. This way you need your list of all the tones required (LINK CODES) to open and close the other repeater.
One very nice feature is the "STACKED VFO SYSTEMS" Page 19 in the FT-818ND Manual, it is the same for the FT-817/ND


You follow the instruction by the book, page 19, this way when you change bands you can  add
other bands such as the FM BROADCAST, AVIATION, etc..
This way you have your favorite bands automatically in your band switch.

So I hope it helps in your decision to try one.

All the very best to all

Stay safe, and have fun on the air.

72/73 Michel VE2TH The QRP'er
Transceivers / YAESU FT-818-ND FOLLOW UP...
« Last post by VE2TH on March 22, 2020, 01:51:22 UTC »
Hello all,

I finally bought a FT-818ND, not to replace my FT-817ND, which I kept, for other uses, such as WSPR I want to use and also the 2200 meters 137 KHz, etc

The différences are: 6 watts of power instead of 5 watts!!! The TCXO-9 high stability oscillator built-in which is no more an option, and the supplied NIMH rechargeable battery 9.6V 1,900 mAh, plus the other accessories available with this transceiver.

In the world of QRP (low power) the 817/817-ND set the bar exceptionnally high, deliivering an all-in-one radio for the enthusiastic QRP operator.  So the reason why Yaesu changed from FT-817 TO THE FT-817ND, and now FT-818ND is very simple.

We are in the year 2020, FT-817, was first sold in year 2000.

The FT-817-ND came on the market in 2008 or so, 12 years ago, and the FT-818ND was available in Canada in January 2019.

Over the years, some internal parts were no more available, So they decided to updated with some new parts like the TX  final transistors and other parts etc..

The other reason is this small peanut whistle was so popular and still is, for nearly 20 years,

At the beginning, Yaesu hoped to sell about 5000 units in the first 3 to 5 years, in 2014, they sold nearing a QUARTER -MILLION FT-817s . I Wonder how many are sold now in 2020 ?

That is 250,000 radios sold!!! I don't believe there has ever been another QRP radio of any brand so popular, and so complete, almost.-

 This is a do it all radio, at a fair price. By the way, I have had no issues in nearly 20  years of intensive use of it.

So, as you can see, I'm always in love with this fantastic Peanut Whistle, and I am sure it will be forever.

In a future post, I want to let the readers know what you can do with such a transceiver, and I'm sure it is not all users who think about that.

We keep on the loop...

Good dx'ing

72/73 Michel VE2TH  ;D
The QRP'er

QRP / Re: QRP meeting
« Last post by HA5GY on February 27, 2020, 13:50:02 UTC »
Hi OMs!

The DQ_Radio QRP society, at the 21 March 2020 arrange,
the next QRP meeting, borse and the No1. ATtiny Challenge in Debrecen ( Hungary ).
VOKE House 4034 Debrecen Faraktar u. 67
Info: www.dqradio.org

VY 73!
QRP / Re: Index Laboratories Companion
« Last post by PA1CJT on December 12, 2019, 13:27:19 UTC »
Hi Michel, i found the documentation here ( https://w1hue.org/QRP_PLUS_Docs.html ) and pictures can be found on the internet. In fact it is just and atu which fits to the QRP Plus radio. The othe rinteresting thing is that you could build in a rechargeable battery and a filter. Not everyone was happy about the filter due to the fact that is uses power and drains the battery.

Best 73's
de Kees
Welcome to the Club / Re: PA0CVE new member
« Last post by PA0CVE on December 04, 2019, 13:23:06 UTC »
Hallo Kees,

Tja QRP lijkt me wel wat maar sinds 1974 QRV  de laatste 15 jaar niets meer gedaan op HF/VHF/UHF. Maar wel QRV op HamSphere een leuk alternatief.

Ik wil wel met QRP gaan beginnen, maar ja wat, hoe en waar etc ik ga eens kijken wat ik kan doen met een mini antenne.

Moet veel leren.

73 de Leo PA0CVE
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