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Author Topic: Very good DX this week...  (Read 511 times)

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Very good DX this week...
« on: May 08, 2014, 01:12:22 UTC »
Hello all,

Very nice dx QSO this week-end and this week, + today.-

A61K, Dubai, 10391 Km, RT9X Asiatic Russia, 8916 Km, 9L1A, Sierra Leone on 20 and 40 meters, 6928 Km,  SX5LA Dodécanèse Is EU-=001, another new one for me, and finally, the cherry on the sundae,
a few minutes ago, VU2PHD in Southern India with RST 559, a distance of nearly 13,000 KM !! WOW!!!

All QRP 5 WATTS, TO AN 40/20 METER INVERTED VEE ANTENNA, up 10 meters high, and all those contacts during the "GRAY LINE PROPAGATION" .

How was your conditions ?

72, Michel \ back to the radio in the lighthouse.-  didit...
I love QRP/QRPp & CW


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Re: Very good DX this week...
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2014, 06:52:39 UTC »
Hi Michael,

congrats. Very nice DX. At the moment i collecting mostly US stations for the ARRL Centennial QSO Party and the W1AW portable operations but also in Log this week HC2SL, JT1AA/3 and DS4AOW .... Those 3 all at 15 m with my indoor doublet. Tried also the indoor vertical but at the moment the doublet works better.

Hope to see you in the bands ....  ;) ;)

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Re: Very good DX this week...
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2014, 00:16:21 UTC »
Hello Juergen,

Congrats , it is very amazing what we can do with indoor antenna. That is what I was using when I began 50 years ago, because when I was a teenager, I lived with my parents in apartment.

At that time I used a home made vertical in my room, 2,3 meters high, just enough to clear the ceiling, Hi! and had a lot of fun for many years.

I worked 5  different stations  in the ARRL centennial QSO Party, and I worked also W1AW/KH2, I was so happy for this one, because Guam Is, is in Zone 27, and it is the only zone I needed for my WAZ.
Award.- Plus a new country for me.

Now I have to wait the QSL to apply for that one.

15 meters is a very nice band to work all kind of exotic stations around the world, and most of all the antenna is small enough, that we are able to install it somewhere. The same with 12 & 10 meters.

HC2SL, is very active on all band, I worked him on bands 40 thru 10, but JT1AA/3 is very rare. We do not hear Mongolia very often. Here I worked this country only twice in 50 years.


For your information, the most difficult award to get, was the:

CANADIAN QRP AWARD, it took me years to achieve.

You have to work all ten Provinces, plus the 3 territories, at that time there were 4 territories.

1- Labrador, VO2 is now part of Newfoundland VO1, but it was a separate one years ago.

2- Yukon territories VY1

3- Northwest territories VE8

4- Nunavut, VY0

The last time I worked Labrador, it was in 1990.

The last time I worked Yukon, it was in 1986, and in 2001 with VY1JA on 6 meters 2 X QRP

The last time I worked Northwest territories, it was in december 2011, where I worked 4 new ones. And the conditions were really great.

The last time I worked Nunavut, it was in 2008, I worked VE8RCS/VY0 to commemorate the 50 years of the old military base of Alert.

And the others are ST-PAUL ISLAND, CY9, inhabited small island 15 KM north east of the northeastern tip of Cape Breton Island.  The only chance to work CY9 is via some Dxpedition.

The last but not the least, is CY0, Sable Island, 150 Km South east of Halifax Nova Scotia, which is a Canadian Park and also use as a studying place for scientific community.  Sometimes there are some dxpeditions there.

So as you can see, it is very difficult, challenging, and hard to work them all in Canada.

And there are many reasons for this, which I should explain in more depth in another post.

Hope to see you on the bands sometimes, it would be fun  ;) ;D
Good dx'ing, and keep on the good work in QRP & Indoor antennas, it is really Great!!

72 Michel\ Back to the radio...   didit..
I love QRP/QRPp & CW